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Saturday, January 9, 2010

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Hello, its been a while ever since i post. And, I am back!!! Yay! As u can noticed i have changed my blog skin and i will try my best to put the link and others back. It will take quite a while as this is my first time using the classic template. I will be posting again tmr as its very late now. And i will be going for a bowling selection so...... Wish me luck. Hehe, hope i get in. Well going to bed now, bye

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Haiz, today is Friday the 13th. at first, i dont really believe in Friday the 13th but not until today. Yup, something did happened today. I think i really going to stay in the house on Friday the 13th. I was going to the bus stop to take 187 to meet Aaron and Sandra to play bowling. On the way, the pathway was wet so my shoe turn wet. And when i step on the drain which was very slippery, BANG! I felt sideways on the floor and even my bowling bag fell on me. HAIZ! Oh weel, i take it as my unlucky day. Going to end my post here, ok bye.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Today, i went to school for maths olympiad and wanted to play with dom basketball but realised i had piano tuition. Ya, so now online playing all star bowling with Sebastian on MSN. So not going to post much, so bye bye.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello. Havent been posting for a week. So, i will just summarised wat happened in this week. On monday, it was normal, just waking up, staying at home. On tuesday, had bowling training, it was damn fun having bowling practise. But on that day, it was a different coach as our coaches were busy. On wednesday, it was my birthday. Not really fun as had to go to maths olympiad to do this stupuid test which has only 20 questions. But at night, my father took me to Cdans to play bowling and he bought me a spare ball. Then, I played using the spare ball and was not use to it. On friday, the same old thing, stay at home, blablabla. Yesterday, went to bowling and i was getting used to the spare ball. I played 10 games and i was happy i managed to spare almost 90 percent using my spare ball. Today, went out for lunch with my grandmother(father's side), then went to my another grandmother house. Went to liabrary and eat dinner. Ya, thats all about this week. Sorry about not posting this week.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Yesterday was quite fun but i was a bit disappointed as we did not have a chance to go into the haunted to scare the kids. But it was quite fun. Went there early at about 9.30. Then played psp while waiting for sandra ant the others to come.after they come already, we met the person in charge.Then she told the girls to start packing the goodie bag.

Then she ask me and the other boys to carry the candies and the pumpkins to the haunted house where the girls were packing the goodie bags.  Who knows after carrying to the haunted house, Mr Steven, another peson in charge told us to put it in the hall as we need to carve the pumpkin later. Then after putting in the hall, we were told to put it in the kitchen at level 2. The boys and I were really pissed off. Then Aaron came and said it was his bad day. After that we help the girls to do the goodie bag.

After doing the goodie bags, we were told to shred lots and lots of paper so as to put in the pumpkin bag. Then when we took out the bag from the shredder, the bag was torn and we had to use tape to cover the torn parts.

While we were shredding more papers to make more 'pumpkins', the others were busy digging out the pumpkin and dirtying their hands especially Jia Ren as his hand was the biggest, he was told to 'dig' the pumpkin

After that we went to Lot 1 to eat at Siam Kitchen, the PIC treat us. After that we went back to the CC to see how the haunted house was going on. Here are some photos of the haunted house...............

Ok thats all for today need do homework. Bye

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Today, nothing really actually happened. I jus woke up in the morning and watch tv, then after wanted to play bowling but bad luck today have competition. So I change plans and went down to play table tennis. Now raining very heavy rain, ok must stop posting need to go to bed early, tomorrow need to go for CIP at CCK community centre the whole day. It is about halloween. I want to wish all of u a happy HALLOWEEN.

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